Questions on South Sudan…..answers please_

I am getting really impatient with all that is going on in South Sudan at the moment.

  1. A good example was the neighboring country Kenya, when the country was at the brink of violence, African mediators came down and raining on the nation to act up….why is this not going on in the South Sudan State? All we hear is that negotiations postponed? If we are to get anywhere with this crisis..we need to focus on the talks going on and make sure that these endless killings stop!!! A push to have the leaders end this senseless violence is really needed..lets not let SS TO BECOME ANOTHER SOMALIA….
  2. It feels like its business as usual, has everyone, sort of decided that well they will kill each other and life goes on?
  3. The worst FAMINE in the AFRICAN history, to strike in one months time, and 50,000 children are believed will die during this time….is this worse than the thousands that are already dyeing, or will die in the next seconds… or fail to wake up tomorrow????




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