Media reporting on South Sudan a worrying trend

Ethnicity has now become a sole factor in the South Sudan crisis.  Rightly so, and we are quick to point this out, to notice that this should stop. ICC, crimes against humanity is the sexiest topic right now. Analysts, crusaders are all up in arms.

This is where we need to draw the line, because this is not a crisis that started yesterday….its been ongoing and getting nasty. The media, organisations within and out of South Sudan, sympathizers and many more continue fueling this further without really realizing it, I think.

This does not help a situation that is slowly balancing on a thin line. To stick to the real issues in South Sudan is key, this is a  case of political and power struggle between two people and their cronies. Whether they are Nuer and Dinkas or schiluk, sunday, Toposa, that should not be the case.

How are these stories, any different, from someone handing over a gun to shoot the other because they shot their kin?

Sadly, there are many more stories like this.

The crisis in south Sudan should be told, however much gory the details are, but caution has to be exercised and avoid this over excitement on the issue of South Sudan. Everyone keen on helping south Sudan should start working with the people of South Sudan to see to practical solutions that will stop this bloodbath.

A peace concert was organised in Nairobi a few weeks ago…why didn’t anyone think of bringing it in the country that we all admit is on fire.

Has anyone considered the South Sudanese in the diaspora? They are a huge factor to this game..they follow the news which at this point is worrying, they are in touch with their people on the ground, what is their solution to this? and how and what support would they need to reach the brothers and sisters who are the sole victims affected by this crisis.

Peace and Love in South Sudan>>>too many deaths already.

By Efurru


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